Thursday, February 12, 2009

2008 Predictions

Back at the end of 2007, someone asked me for eight predictions for 2008. Here's the outcome:

1. Yes!

2. <0% - opposite of progress

3. No progress

4. 85% progress - great leaps on that front (bought a Mac when I went self-employed)

5 <0% - opposite of progress

6. Utter disaster -a complete, total betrayal. There are no words for just how bad this news is.

7. No progress

8. Can't prove it but I think I did this on the music and non-fiction front, but my fiction reading was inordnately low in 2008.

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Clawsfour said...

If I were to do a few substitutions (my team, Southampton, for yours; a new manager; photography instead of music) my results come out as:
1 No (still in Div 2 but dropping)
2 0%
3 Minor improvement
4 Bought second Mac - now everything sings (not self-employed though)
5 0%
6 0% (I liked him - but, hey, results count)
7 Not an issue for me
8 20% CDs, 100% fiction & non fiction.

I remain optimistic about Saints escaping relegation and the country escaping the Tories.