Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"The public affairs sector will be taking note"

Sez Iain Dale. And he should know.

Just in case all of this is new to you, 'Public Affairs Sector' is a euphemism for 'lobbying industry'.


Mike said...

Received an email from my MP asking for my opinion for the expenses debate tomorrow. So, I sent him a link to your earlier blog entry.

The vast majority of his expenses are for 7 part-time staff members. Then, rent of a flat and office in Westminster, etc. All checked by the Civil Service.

Mike said...

Here's a lobbying tactic: Greenpeace are spamming MPs who they believe are sympathetic to their Heathrow cause. The spamming has effectively disabled inboxes, blocking regular constituency communications. They've offered to end the spamming against individual MPs, if the MP agrees to vote according to Greenpeace dictates.