Thursday, January 01, 2009

New year resolutions for you

Can I make a new year's resolution for you? How about this:

Subscribe to the BBC Radio 3 Music Matters podcast. The one about Music and the Brain in November was really good, exploring neuroscience and how music changes our emotional states, and how the brain can even conjure up sounds. The programme includes tentative attempts to project music from thought.

I think that subscribing to the podcast usually gives you the option to get recent programmes as well as the current one (though I might be wrong about this).

On a similar subject, the surprisingly good In Business podcasts are worth getting as well. The current programme - 'all that Jazz' - is about music and innovation. Annoyingly, though, this programme can't be put out as a podcast because of copyright material that is included. But you can listen again for a few more days I think?

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