Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Anthony's found a ranking list of 'economic freedom'. Guess what? There's largely in inverse proportion to the quality of democracy on offer.

I was on the wireless a while ago with our mutual friend Guido Fawkes. I did my usual thing of asking him what he was in favour of (amazing how often people manage to avoid answering that one) and to his credit, he said that the political model that he'd like most like to see applied to the UK was that of Hong Kong (which, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit (PDF) gets a paltry overall score of 5.85 compared to the ZaNuLieBore Police State (!!!?!??!?!) ranking of 8.15.

Minarchists. Anti-politics (they say). Anti-democrat, more like. Remember that next time you read anything from any of them about political corruption in the UK.

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Andreas Paterson said...

What's really amusing about it is the comments by the chap from Ireland and the guy from Australia. It seems like even the most economically free countries have libertarians complaining about the crippling welfarism.