Saturday, January 24, 2009

Destroying your Twitter brand

This is quite funny. I'm a bit suspicious about whether someone had actually nicked his passwords. Someone I know regularly updates Twitter by sending texts from his mobile. 

He walked back into the room yesterday when I'd managed to get as far as thumbing the following SMS to his phone:

"I've just laid a huge stinky turd the size of a rounders bat - Christ it made my eyes wate..."

He snatched the phone off me just before I hit 'send.' So, kids, whatever you do, don't save your Twitter phone number in your phone under the name 'Twitter' - whatever you do...

That's how you destroy a Twitter brand....


mikeovswinton, the old ones are the best... said...

Don't know what the hell Twitter is, Paulie, but your post reminded me of a graffiti on the wall of a cubicle in Hugh Stewart Hall circa 1977;
"I have just dropped an 18 inch turd. Is this a record?"
"Dunno, but send it to Radio Trent. They play a load of crap."

Is it true that around this time the immortal Dale Winton was plying his trade on Radio Trent? How did that pass me by?

Sadie Smith said...

On the subject of graffiti in boozer toilets, my favourite is this:

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful - hate me because I shagged your dad."

Under which some wag had added:

"Go home, mum. You're drunk."

Paulie said...

Here's a line from a Pogues song - it paraphrases a witicism from either Dominic or Brendan Behan, but it's something to show anyone who doubts Shane's songwriting ability:

A man's ambition must indeed be small
To write his name upon a shithouse wall
But before I die I'll add my regal scrawl
To show the world I'm left with sweet fuck all
And when all of us bold shithouse poets do die
A monument grand they will raise to the sky
A monument made just to mark our great wit
A monument of solid shit now me boys

mikeovswinton said...

Feeling slightly ashamed I started this, but Paulie - do you remember Dale Winton as a leading cultural icon of Nottingham in the late 70s, cos I don't. (I was too busy focusing on real cultural icons like Jimmy Sirrel and Pedro Richards, though I think you may have alternatives.)

Paulie said...

I remember him vividly. I knew him slightly because I worked at The Commodore - that chicken-in-a-basket joint on Nuthall Road (I was a part-time all purpose roadie / follow spot operator) - People that worked in nightclubs all used to end up either playing blackjack in the Victoria Club at 3am or in a curry house on Alfreton Road that used to stay open v late.

DW used to be in that curry house the odd time, and was treated to plenty of homophobic asides from all and sundry.

At the time, Radio Trent had a good Northern-ish show on late at night - can't remember the name of the DJ now, but his theme tune was the instrumental of 'Feel the need in me' by the Detroit Emeralds.

There was only one cultural icon there at the time. His name was Brian.

mikeovswinton said...

Ever heard Dave McMurray's version of "Feel the need" with Sweet Pea Atkinson on vocals? On "My Brother and me", the best of DM. Well worth a listen. Superb live performer, and the man who inspired me to start learning.

Think I remember the Commodore, and the curry place, but its all getting a bit hazy now. I do remember that cafe near the Station where they had pinball machines so old they didn't have flippers. And the world's worst coffee. Went there on the way to see the Magpies.

mikeovswinton said...

That would be learning the sax, btw.