Friday, January 30, 2009


Seeing as there's no shortage of 'transparency campaigners', here's a suggestion:

I'm completely flat out at the moment, but if you've got time, why not go over to the Taxpayers Alliance hagiography Wikipedia page and add a bit of detail.

Here's what's missing:
  • Details of who funds them - and we want details - details details details!
  • How much tax those who fund them pay
  • When their tax freedom day is
  • Details of their dishonest campaigning and the comprehensive rebuttals that they have been given
  • Who works for them - everyone - details. Who else they work for, what evidence we have of their other personal agendas, etc
  • Which lazy stupid journalists re-print their press releases uncritically- details of their other stupid lazy journalism as corroborating evidence
A fair bit of this can be moved over from the Other Taxpayers Alliance website, but if you want to dig, feel free.

If there is any information that is not freely available or in the public domain, ensure that the Wikipedia page lists it all.

Every trade union should commit some of it's research, campaigns and press time to this information gathering. Every local authority and governmental body that has it's message disrupted should ask it's press officers to contribute any information that crosses their desks.

Because we deserve to know. It's our right! Transparency is a wonderful thing!

Next off: Media owners, their commercial interests and how it correlates with the editorial line that their organs adopt.

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