Thursday, January 08, 2009

Anti-EU = know nothing about the EU

... on average, anyway.

Everyone should know this:

"Those (across the EU) who had an objectively poor knowledge of the EU’s role split 33% good thing and 19% bad thing (with 32% neither and 16% don’t know).

Those who had some knowledge of the EU’s role split 51% good thing, 16% bad thing (16%/3%).

Those who had an objectively good knowledge of the EU’s role split 62% good thing, 13% bad thing (23%/2%).

In the same survey, it’s worth noticing that the UK is the only country where those distrusting EU institutions outnumber those trusting them. Can’t think why, though."

Ignorance is a political instrument. Pass it on.

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Tim J said...

Talking of ignorance, note that absolutely no indication is given as to what is meant by 'objective knowledge' of the EU. It does make evaluating just how objective it is rather harder doesn't it?

Just by the by, would you have caveated a popularity survey regarding smoking commissioned and published by BAT? If so, why not do the same with a popularity survey regarding the EU commissioned and published by the European Commission?