Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Why the desperation?

Why are the Tories trying to up the ante? Why are they trying to get the police to back off?
  • Why have they released a film showing the cops arriving at Damian Green's office? What does it prove? What is their motivation for releasing it?
  • Why have they massively overstated (and misrepresented) the case that their MPs have some kind of immunity from investigation on the grounds of Parliamentary Privilege?
  • Why have they used the shrillest language (Stalinesque / Terror Police) to describe an investigation that - as far as I can see - has been conducted scrupulously?
  • Why have they spun the line of questioning to make it seem abusive and impertinent ("grooming") when it is the kind of treatment that any suspect would expect to have in a recorded police interview?
  • Why are they getting tame journalists to position David Davis as someone who would be OK refusing to co-operate with a police investigation?
Nothing in Christopher Galley's press conference has suggested that there aren't legitimate grounds for an investigation. And if Galley was being encouraged to leak things with a view to political embarrassment rather than to salve a crisis of conscience, we are not just in the ballpark of 'justifiable illegality' - we are in the ballpark of something that is an offence against Parliamentary democracy.

Something that no-one who is involved in it will be able to survive.

If they've done nothing wrong, they should chill out, co-operate, look a bit bored and annoyed by the whole thing, and wait for it all to blow over.

But they're not doing that, are they? Begs the question: How far up does this go? And are they right to panic....?


Chris said...

Because they think there's votes in it and they're worried they're going backwards in the polls? When I saw they had released that video I assumed it was to keep this as the story of the Queen's speech rather than because they were worried.

As for Double-D, I wonder if it's that he's pissed off that he's not being persecuted and he's daring them to have a go. There's something masochistic about people like him. I keep being reminded of Mel Gibson in the South Park 'Passion of the Jew' episode - 'Oh no, you're not going to torture me now are you? Well, go ahead and torture me, give me your best shot, you'll never break me. Oh, I hope you don't use those whips over there.'

will said...


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