Tuesday, December 02, 2008

What do you think?

Here's some interesting research on the question of identity in Northern Ireland.
"According to a Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey, almost one in four Roman Catholics are willing to be tagged under the Northern Ireland banner. A total of 26 per cent of Protestants chose the label of Northern Irish over the more familiar option of British."

I've not had time to check this interpretation, and The Newsletter isn't a source I'd particularly respect: But the findings don't surprise, do they?

Seen via O'Conal Street who links directly to the research and adds this:
"Ram a term down someones throat and they will reject it. Use a term as a political tool and you will loose support for it."

This is certainly worth bookmarking along with the earth-shattering revelation that being of Catholic extraction does not force you to be a nationalist in Northern Ireland.

Democracy: It's what you think that counts. Often forgotten, innit?

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