Sunday, December 21, 2008

Missing action

For some reason I must have accidentally deleted Andreas from my RSS reader. I've fixed it now, and during that time, I missed some very-good posts. Here he is digging into the nauseating Taxpayers Alliance and their ludicrous line on education. And there's plenty more worth a look as well.

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ivan007 said...

Yeah, but no, but yeah, but ...
I've got kids going through primary education at the moment, and when I read lines like this "It also acknowledges a need to reduce the amount of content in the curriculum." I want to break down and weep.
There is practically no f***ing content in the curriculum at the moment. I'm not sure how they can remove anything further without falling into some existential void.
I imagine that when they say 'content' what they mean is something along the lines of 'we've invented tons of ways to test kids and for each test we've instituted a range of processes that lead up to these tests so that teaching and testing are locked into a life and death struggle. This has made the curriculum seem very full. In some strange parallel universe this fullness is construed as content'.