Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Hugely damaging if proven

Why is the offence that Damian Green is charged with is a serious one?

Well, Unity wins two prizes today. The first one is for writing even longer posts than I write here, and secondly - more importantly - for illustrating why there is a huge moral difference between the traditional whistle-blower / opposition relationship:

It doesn't seem to me that the Tories were using Galley's leaks, not to expose mendacity or incompetence. Unity seems to have evidence that requires answers on how the Tories have been using Galley's leaks purely for cynical political purposes. Is the government going to announce a particular policy on Monday? We'll offer a slightly more populist variation of it on Sunday!

That's the essence of it. If this is what the Tories game is, and it can be proven, those concerned are finished.

If they've been doing this to the Treasury - at a time like this - then there is a very real case for some of them to be shot.....

(Via Tim, who has a round up of other relevant material here).

Update: On the question of getting tame tory journalists to report how the cops are in full retreat, who else would you expect to have joined in?

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