Thursday, December 04, 2008

Blogging - the Id, the ego and the super-ego

A while ago now, a few people suggested that blogs should have a code of conduct of some kind. It caused a fairly predictable spasm of indignation and imagined victimhood (I have a few posts here about it at the time)

And, more recently, Andy Burnham decided unilaterally that he will imprison, torture and then execute anyone who says anything that he doesn't like online.

So, without using the word 'ought' or 'should', I'm going ask a question and follow it with a suggestion.

How far does your blog reflect your personality and opinions? Mine doesn't do so particularly accurately. Or perhaps it does so too accurately for my own liking? Who knows.

I certainly express views with a good deal more certainty online than I would verbally. I'm a great deal less likely to call someone a c*nt when I argue with them offline. I'm prepared to concede points and argue in a different way face-to-face (yay!) and will often back away from a position that I hold with some conviction in order to rub along nicely with people (boo!).

On my blog, I sometimes deliberately provoke people who probably don't fully deserve the rudeness that they get (I don't lie awake at night about this because I'm rarely that rude to anyone who can't take it), and the opinions expressed here are as much 'from the hip' as from the head.

In short, this blog corresponds quite closely to the Freudian notion of the 'Id' as opposed to the Ego or Super-ego.

I've recently gone freelance, and part of my game plan is to use blogs to drum up business for myself, and to help me to the work that I'm planning to do in a professional responsible manner. Blogs are becoming an indispensable tool for all sorts of work. And you can bet your life that they will be very different in substance to NTaH.

They may include some recycled content from here, but if you notice a familiar post in your incoming links, you will notice that the bit that said that you were a shithouse will have been modified slightly. Your "f*cking stoopid f*ckwitted idea" will have been changed to "an interesting - but perhaps challengeable - suggestion."

The one that is there to drum up business will be the Ego blog. The one that explores best-practice and is used to express high ideals - the 'blue skies thinking' will be the Super Ego blog.

And this one will remain the Id blog. I expect that a lot of bloggers could, in all honesty, write a similar post to this. And if that is the case, they ought to ... er... should .... er may wish to consider adding a badge like this one to their side bar?


asquith said...

It is quite rare that I write a blog post of my own. My comments give a better representation of my views: amongst other things, they are more unbuttoned as I don't regard commenting as being as much of a big deal as actually writing a post of my own.

Though, having said that, a high percentage of my posts started out as comments & were turned into fully-fledged posts.

My blog is the best single page to go to for a description of my views, but it is very incomplete & can indeed be misleading.

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