Sunday, November 02, 2008

Time added on

Today was a big day. Years of pain were somehow brought to a close in an odd way as Forest faced D*rby on somewhat equal terms at Prideless Park.

I'm too busy trying to make sense of probably the weirdest closing minutes of of a game that I've seen in some time. Paul Jewell moans here and a more balanced appraisal can be found here.

Changing the subject completely, Norm raises something that I've never thought off much: The question of rational self-interest and voting.

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passer by said...

You see paulie the reason you go to see a mediocre football match or participate in a pretty meaningless election is the same, its the dream.

Humans desire to be more than we are, which in dialectic material terms is not much at all. But our inductive/pattern seeking minds propels us from sitting in the trees scratching our arses, or sitting in the stands eating the pies, into seeing what we wish to see to make us "human" to make us feel special and correct, "our version of the truth must be the right one, it was never a goal and if it was it makes me feel good that the other lot (them) lost out" Them make

It makes you wonder if Hume and his denial of self was right?