Friday, November 14, 2008

Time to slip the apron strings

On the subject of profligate politicians, doing politics on the rates, I'm generally in favour of it. The more politics that gets done on the rates, I reckon, the less other anti-democratic stuff gets funded out of the public purse.

If Parliament had the resources it would need to take over the management of regulators such as OfCOM, the odious Standards Board, the useless BBC Trust and so on, I'm sure that they would be run a lot better. If politicians had direct control over financial regulators, for example, we could have saved £tens of billions this year alone!

Where's my proof, I hear you ask? I have none: Apart from to say that Parliament surely couldn't have done a worse job - and if it had, you the voter would have been able to make the tossers take the blame.

Isn't it odd how effective the civil service are at getting people who aren't politicians to run the country? And how complicit we all are in this process?

Now, on the same theme, here's one set of politicians who are doing their stuff on the rates and really taking the piss. Time to slip the apron strings and sort something out for yourself lads?

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Anonymous said...

Quite right!