Thursday, November 20, 2008

Subsidy scroungers

From the excellent new 'Other Taxpayers Alliance' site, here's the first in a series!

"Sir Tom Cowie, Life President of Arriva, the train operator whose poor punctuality seems to grow in proportion to its subsidies."
Stop subsidising these scroungers!
Here's a nice quote from John Band a while ago that I meant to link to at the time, but didn't:
"...the TPA is a lobby group for well-off people. If it - or indeed, anyone whose concern with cutting taxes is motivated by ideology rather than personal venality - were truly interested in tax cuts for moral or efficiency reasons, it would focus on addressing the 80%+ marginal tax rates faced by very poor workers, rather than the frankly immaterial amounts of tax paid by those of us lucky enough to earn or inherit a lot of money."

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