Friday, November 07, 2008

Sober assessment

Just in case anyone is still wondering what to make of President-elect Obama, here Ralph Nader (pinching John Pilger's observation) wondering aloud if he could be an Uncle Tom.

I'm reminded this from the comments here at the Trots where you can also enjoy a delightful exploration of the challenges facing us all in a multicultural age. Remember folks, public service broadcasting of this standard will be fairly ubiquitous over here soon when BSkyB and Daily Mail lobbyists get their way.

I dunno about you, but - in the context of a parliamentary democracy - the potential slow collapse of public service broadcasting seems to me to be a genuine threat to liberty and democracy in a way that many of the phantoms that are cooked up by the civil liberties lobby aren't.

It's time to take sides.


mikeovswinton said...

Paulie; Taking a break from giving you the finest gospel house tips, can I make a point about the Daily Mail? I had the misfortune to be stuck somewhere yesterday and the only thing available to read was the Mail. I see the Mail once in a blue moon, ususally in such circumsatnces. Friends in the meejah tell me what a superb product it is, and friends on the left have said that from a rightist perspective its a fine ideological product. But I never got this, and yesterday's browsing confirmed my view; its a pretty poor read. Its full of dreck. The sports pages are tired and the telly stuff is very so-so. The news/opinion is hardly inspired. I started reading a thing by Steven Glover and just put it down and fiddled with my mobile phone instead. I can read rightist papers - I always get the Sunday Telegraph, though that is going off a bit too. I just don't get the awe that the Mail inspires. It s just poor.

Paulie said...

I hope you're right Mike. Much of the stuff that's written about the media is quite groupthinky.

Maybe the Mail was that fine ideological stormtrooper a few years ago and maybe that's no longer the case. If you're right, the media columns will start saying so in a couple of years time....

Will said...

But Paulie -- don't you know that vouchers would solve all these problems?

Vouchers I tell you -- that's what the masses need to free them from servitude.

And that.