Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sargeant and Boris - same sort of success

This whole argument surrounding John Sargeant's jump / being pushed off the dancing programme - and I mean pretty well every argument that I've read on the subject - is pure bollocks.

This was not a righteous snook being cocked by the masses towards the elites. It was not the hot breath of democracy on the necks of the faceless fixers.

This was another example of the Boris Johnson factor: I'm fairly certain that Boris was able to gather enough votes to get himself past Ken on the grounds that voting for him would be a bit of a laugh. The Tories knew what was on YouTube before they selected him, for fuxake....

Even I was almost (n.b almost) tempted to vote for him myself, purely because having him as Mayor will - at some point - add to the gaiety of the nation. He will, surely, make a compete tit of himself at a moment when every camera in the world is on him, won't he? On the night of the election, the pubs were full of people with slightly mad grins on their face.

They'd done something a bit daft and were going to have a bit of a laugh as a result.

Voting for John Sargeant was just a way for the public to tell those who were taking it all to seriously to lighten up a bit. The reward was watching the judges squirm. Voting for JS was was like putting a penny in to a machine that always guaranteed a laugh.

And like any budding demagogue, I'm with the people on this one. It's a nice antidote to the Ross / Brand hysteria a few weeks ago anyway.

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Tom Freeman said...

Boris Johnson, of course, didn't pull out of the mayoral election the week before on the grounds that there was a risk of him winning...