Sunday, November 23, 2008

A revolutionary programme

Here's Chris saying that the best policies aren't considered because of the constraints that politicians allow to have placed upon themselves.

He doesn't go into ways that those constraints can be removed though - and I think that this would go some way towards solving his problem. Here's the 'revolutionary' programme he was asking for:
  1. Increase the scope of the people who are actually elected to run the country according to very well-established principles of representative government - and ensure that their power is exercised in a more decentralised and less aggregated way
  2. Reduce the scope of people who haven't been elected to coerce us and to coerce or compete with the people we elect
  3. err..... that's it.
I understand that there are a few imperfections associated with people who are elected, but they're not as big as the imperfections of their rivals, and most of the reasons that they don't follow Chris' preference for choosing the 'effective' over the 'acceptable' can be dealt with by implementing point two of the programme (above).

These points may raise a few questions, but I'd be happy to answer them. In the meantime, would someone mind getting started building the barricades?

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