Friday, November 21, 2008


Now that the BBC have been told not to build those local websites, we can be sure that private investment in high quality journalism will just come flooding in and we will see absolute proof that the BBC distorts the market!!?!

In other news, the reason the economy is in such a mess is because of too much government regulation!!


mikeovswinton, time on is ands said...

Yeah, I heard the guy from the Manchester Evening News chuntering about this on the Radio. He didn't say that his paper is such garbage that they have to give it away free in the City Centre. (And it employs the world's worst journalist. Ever. Really ever. No names but he covers a sport that Pete of Hull and myself have an interest in.) And my sister tells me that the MEN is made to look like the New York Times by the Liverpool Echo.

mikeovswinton said...

That should have read "he "covers" a sport".