Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Isn't it odd?

...the amount of people that I know that have plans to sit up and watch the US election results tonight? You know, getting beer in, Hula Hoops, Cheezy Wotsits, inviting people around to the house, that sort of thing?

Some of them aren't really interested in politics even. The sort of people that wouldn't be sure that they would even vote in this country.

I mean, I am interested in politics, but I'll be picking it all up ambiently, like any other news.

Nothing wrong with it, I suppose, but I just think it's quite strange.


Chris said...

Connected with the 'be a part of history' thing people like to do, I guess.

PooterGeek said...

They want to see Portillo lose again.

Graycrow said...

I tried to stay up to watch the results, but failed, still it was nice to wake up in a safer, more tolerant world.

This is historic, this is a great day for democracy around the world. Enjoy.

Matt M said...

In years to come, when my grandchildren ask: "Where were you when Barack Obama made history by becoming the first African-American President of the US", I can proudly say: "Asleep. It was three in the ****ing morning."