Monday, November 03, 2008


Bet you wouldn't expect any House recommendations here, would you?

Well, try Robert Owens. You won't be sorry.


mikeovswinton, gospelhousetips said...

Get onto your youtube and try the following artists;

Jasper Street Company
Arnold Jarvis
Kenny Bobien

ivan007 said...


mikeovswinton, moregospelhouse said...

Oh, and also check; Ricky Bradshaw feat Shawn Christopher Never knew love.

Don't get the Ricky Bradshaw bit as this is off a gospel cd Ms C did a few years back.

mikeovswinton, even more gospelhouse said...

And how could I have forgotten 3rd Ministry of Faith Feat KT Brooks 'Joy to the World'?
(RIP KT Brooks)

mikeovswinton. more house said...

Then again, there's always Blaze's classic cd from 2002 "Spiritually Speaking". With the track "I remember house", and quite a few other good ones.