Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Taxpayers Alliance and sundry 'libertarians'

Firmly in the category "stuff I'd really like to have done myself if I could have got around to it", here is a lovely idea that should be added to every blogroll:

Dedicated to keeping an eye on one of the UK's most odious pressure groups. Please link to it. Now. Please?

(Hat-tip: Andreas)

And while you're at it, link to Bubblewrapped as well please? The site that gloats because it's right to gloat.

And reading this....

" economics Conservatives have retained a vestigial loyalty to the Thatcherite paradigm. That is why their attacks on Brown ring so hollow: voters know that the problems did not begin with Brown's chancellorship. They intuitively grasp paradigm shifts and believe that the Tories are still working within the economic framework that initiated the crisis.

Burdened with debt and broken by speculation, voters want an alternative to the economic orthodoxy of the last 30 years. The irony is that Conservative social thinking should allow them to dispense with this ideology. Instead, they sound as if they plan to practise Thatcherite austerity in the face of a deepening and deflationary recession."

....I sat on the train this morning thinking: Maybe some of them would actually be prepared to sign that statement after all?

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