Sunday, October 12, 2008

Stockbrokers in visible pain

There's a group on Facebook called 'Society for the Appreciation of Pictures of Stockbrokers In Visible Pain.' - here.

I hope that you find this as upsetting as I do. I found this via Will Davies who blogs here. He has changed his Facebook picture to this .....

... which is *really* not funny in any way.

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Sadie Smith said...

Paulie, the fact that you find this funny is just further evidence of RACIALISM in the ZaNuLabLiars party who, we all know, caused the global economic crisis because I've seen a YouTube of the Gord picking his nose. Or something.

As any fule kno, it is not these gentle philanthropists - stockbrokers - who have caused the global downturn but rather nanny statist Equality Officers who have brought this once great nation to her knees because of their Gold Plated Pensions (TM) and the introduction of free blow-jobs on the NHS for asylum seekers.

Anyway, this post is just further evidence of nasty lefty bile which ... [continues tediously for 39234 more lines]