Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Science lesson

I've already instructed you to subscribe to Ian Dempsey's Breakfast Show Podcast. If you didn't do as you were told, you would have missed Roy Keane explaining what a Large Hadron Collider is.

This is your loss. I love science, me, though. Science doesn't reciprocate. At the age of fourteen, I learned that teachers colluded in staffrooms. Within one hour of each other, my Chemistry teacher and my Geography teacher spoke to me about my behaviour in class. Words to the effect....
"I've decided to turn a blind eye to your behaviour during my lessons on one condition. That you don't come anywhere near my classroom during the lesson."
Did you know that a glass rod - sufficiently heated over a bunsen burner - could permanently disfigure a chemistry teacher's hand? "Sir? Pass me that glass rod will you?"

Anyway, back to the LHC. Here's an explainer:

Via Kittenfluff.

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