Saturday, October 18, 2008


Have you ever been forcibly restrained? You know, those plastic tie-ups applied to your wrist, a few blasts of a taser, someone forcing your teeth apart to check that you haven't swallowed your tongue?

It happens to me quite a lot. Generally when some twat takes issue with me ripping the wires out of the back of the speakers in the pub when The Scissor Sisters (or similar) come on. Whatever else you think about Morrissey, this is one thing that he was dead right about: You can come to hate someone for something that you find in their record collection.

I've lost count of the number of quite bad-tempered arguments I've had with people about music where they say to me, "surely it's just a matter of taste?" To nick a line from elsewhere, if you tolerate this, then your children will be next.

And you know our Will? A bit on the profane side, doesn't suffer fools for very long, etc?

This is why it's plucking up the courage to look at one of his inbound links to your blog. I've been trying to find a way of saying what he's said in that post for years without knowing how to.

If you haven't already, leave here and go there and read it.


JC said...

Cheers for comment on my blog. Quite new to the game and would appreciate some feedback. Us socialist soul stylist football fan mods should stick together...

My gripe - when you ask someone what music they like and they say 'Anything really'. My answer is always along the lines of - 'Really? Do you like grindcore? Do you like peruvian nose flute? Do you like white supremacist hip hop?' And yes I am sometimes restrained for it...

mikeovswinton, ktf said...

Don't know about being restrained, but I used to work with a guy whose musical taste was within a gnat's crotchet of my own - he even used to wear a proper Harrington Barracuta G-9 - but we still used to argue fiercely and he once called me "the music gestapo". The horrible thing is that I was sneakily pleased.