Monday, October 20, 2008

Not In My Name!!!?!!

I'd just like to translate what Andy Burnham said here, because I think that Guido is absolutely spot on - and he has put Iain Dale firmly in his place here.

Here is an account of Andy Burnham discussing his 'plans' for TV and Internet regulation:

"He said that perhaps the wider [TV] industry, and government, had accepted the idea that the Internet was "beyond legal reach" and was a "space where governments can't go".....

....Burnham said that he would like to "tighten up" online content and services and "lighten up" some regulatory burdens around the TV industry"....

.... "It is a new sign of our approach," he said. "It is not just about copyright or intellectual property but [things like] taste and decency in the online world. The time will come to say what are the direct interventions [needed, if any]"...

This is, of course, ZaNuLieBore-speak for the following.

"If anyone says anything that I disapprove of, they will be dragged before a summary tribunal, presided over by myself, and WHEN they are found guilty, they will be subjected to death by scaphism."

Absolutely deplorable!!

It's slightly odd that Iain Dale is still around to have such a conversation - after all, the EUNazis were supposed to have put him out of business by now if my reading of this post a while back was accurate?

Oh, while we're on the subject of Internet regulation, could I strongly suggest that if you ever do have any facts or content to add to Iain Dale's site - ones that contradict the self-serving nature of the post in question - that you make sure that you publish a copy of them on your own blog as well as in Iain's comments?

That post (link - previous para) was based upon a wilful misreading of an EU draft directive. I know a fair bit about the draft directive in question, and I explained in some detail why Iain's post was narcissistic drivel about how The Sword Of Truth was not going to be CENSORED by The Man at the time. I did explain, honest!

In the meantime, that comment has somehow ... disappeared! Perhaps The Man has hacked into Iain's site and deleted comments in the same way that John Redwood has been hacked by .... er .... REDS .... (that's enough witless paranoia - Ed)

Perhaps Andy Burnham could regulate to stop this kind of self-serving censorship of comments threads? In the meantime, I wonder if Tim Ireland's cleverness with Google Cache can rescue the comment in question?


Tim said...

I knew Iain engaged in retro-moderation of posts and comments, but this looks to be a whopper.

There's no telling when he edited it either.

I've looked in the WayBack Machine, but no record of the original thread is immediately apparent.

PS - Standard tactic from Staines, here. He doesn't have the balls to explain his repeated publication of the word 'chink' (at least, not under his own name; he may have contributed anonymously), he sits back and waits a week for the fuss to die down (one of Alastair Campbell's fave tricks), and *then* he comes out weaving it into the latest statist censorship narrative and playing the ultimate tough guy:

What a guy.

Andrew Brown said...

I don't know about witless, but did you not hear that this is the age of paranoia.

Paulie said...


It was originally here:

Tim said...

Ah. In which case, it's no big secret that 18 Tory Street has been edited out of existence since Iain hilariously span the collapse of the channel as an expansion.

The best I can offer you is this archive of the relevant content *minus* the comments.

Tim said...

PS - A ready reference for next time:
Finding Old Web Pages