Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Never tell people that you know how to get stuff working

Someone has just dropped a mobile phone around to me because I said that I was sure that I'd know how to fix a little bug that it has. They will come back later to collect it.

As soon as they left, I accidentally changed the language settings so that all of the menus are changed into a Chinese-looking language (!).

Now I can't work out how to do anything - not even the basic stuff on the phone. There is no 'OK - I give up, convert my phone back into any Roman-alphabet language please?' item on the menu.

I am going to look a complete tit when my friend comes to collect it in about half-an-hour or so.....


Anonymous said...

google could still be your friend.

Simon said...

What would Cloughie have done?

(Had a massive scotch of course)