Thursday, October 23, 2008

Is Thatcherism dead?

Maybe. But Don Paskini says that the corpse is still twitching.
"The evidence is abundantly clear, that where the government has taken action and made use of the powers of the state to redistribute wealth and help people get jobs, it has been extremely successful in reducing poverty and promoting equality, making the poor richer without making the rich poorer. But there is an awful lot more to do, and there are a lot of people who have been missed out and haven't benefited - not by accident but because decision-makers haven't seen them as 'deserving' help.

But it's interesting to see quite how far from the evidence the centre right, whether old style Thatcherites or New Conservatives, actually are. The Conservative Party are committed to policies such as inheritance tax cuts and US style welfare reform. We don't have to guess at the effect of these kinds of policies, their effect has been tried and what happens is that 'rich households in America have been leaving both middle and poorer income groups behind' and 'the effectiveness of taxes and transfers in reducing inequality has fallen still further in the past 10 years'."

Ugly, innit? Oh, by the way, if any of you are on Facebook, would you like to help me organise a big party?

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Robert said...

Mind you who has forced Workfare on us, was it Thatcher or was it Labour,

Labour lets be honest if anyone thinks the new deal has worked especially for the disabled they are joking cost £61 billion 200,000 people back into work, but in the last six months it's estimated that half of this has returned to benefits.