Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Book recommendation

Tony Cascarino's name came up in conversation recently, and it reminded me that his is the best autobiography-by-a-footballer* that I've ever read. It's funny, well written, and it actually tells you a few things that you didn't know about football (or a few things that I didn't know, anyway).

Better, even, than Eamonn Dunphy's Diary of a Professional Footballer - and that's saying something.

Also, I'd like to be the first blogger, it seems, to acknowledge the now-near-forgotten Les Bense's Managers Notes (originally published as a sort of samizdat / fanzine through 'When Saturday Comes' magazine) and the subsequent 'Life at the Tip' account of Athletico Whaddon.

Every home should have something by Les on the bookshelves.

*Ok, I know, it's 'as told to Paul Kimmage', so it's not exactly an autobiography...

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