Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This blogging business

A while ago, I posted a short personal notice here about a change in circumstances. I was going freelance and didn't know how it would affect my blogging.

I now have an answer to my question though. It's this:

"...more likely option. I get tons more work than I can do, and end up posting here as a displacement activity."
And how! I'm working my balls to peanuts at the moment. Going freelance - all of that organisation, bookkeeping and grief to do with setting up and understanding crappy rules about VAT and registering for this-that-and-t'other, sorting out mobile phone contracts, deciphering all of the various stealth-charging models that almost every service involves.

And I seem to be blogging more than ever. And do you like my new template? I spent two hours doing it last night when I should have been doing the book-keeping.

I'm seriously thinking of getting someone change my password and then telling them that they have to keep it secret until Xmas.

Oh, on the subject of stealth charging and stuff like that: Why doesn't someone start a campaign for some kind of regulatory regime on this? The amount of time and energy it takes to just keep your wits about you when you're getting a mobile phone ....

I'm too busy to do it myself, mind....

1 comment:

Will said...

"And do you like my new template?"

eh? WTF are you on about? Looks like it always has done.

PS. Vouchers for vouchers.