Saturday, September 27, 2008

A statue to put near the one of Cloughie in Nottingham

Jimmy Sirrel RIP. The 'Pies most successful manager.


mikeovswinton said...

When I was at Notts University in the 70s and Forest were winning everything in sight, I used to follow the Pies (largely because the FA computer used to put Bolton home games on the same day as Forest ones, and I'd be on the train north every fortnight). So, when I think of football in Nottingham in that era my memories are of Pedro Richards, Ian Scanlon, Les Bradd, Arthur Mann and, of course, Jimmy Sirrel. There should be a statue of him in Nottingham, and he'll be very sadly missed.(Nice to see the Pies won yesterday as well.)

mikeovswinton said...

There's a wonderful blog entry that you can access by googling "The tears of a clown" and "An afternoon with Jimmy Sirrel". As you are technologically competent, pailie, you may be able to post a link.