Sunday, September 07, 2008


The invention of Podcasting was designed for people like me. I've always wanted VCR-recording functionality for my radio, and this is even better.

The BBC Radio 3 'Composer of the Week' programme is particularly good for me (chippy inferiority complex because I think I should know more about classical music than I do).

Last week, driving around on long work-journeys, I listened to the programme on Ralph Vaughan Williams a few times. Much to my surprise, I liked him - and stumbled upon a new notion of the 'democratic personality' (one that I'd probably contest, but it's worth thinking about).

And I didn't know that he did an (admittedly, bloody awful-sounding) opera version of Playboy of the Western World author, J.M.Synge's Riders to the Sea.

Er.... that's it. Carry on with what you were doing....


Tim Almond said...

Yeah, Vaughan Williams is pretty top. He's the one composer that I can here anywhere in the world, and I'm immediately transformed to England. I especially like the Pastoral symphony.

If you want to get into classical, start with the Naxos recordings - you can buy them in many shops, or from emusic for a cheap price. They're generally not rated as the best recordings, but considered as high quality (there's a good Gramophone book with recommended recordings).

Try a little Rodrigo. The second movement of his guitar concerto is very well known (I think in chocolate ads or something), but I like the 1st movement:

Paulie said...

Ta Tim. Roderigo isn't a closed book to me because I have other reference points to him (guitar / Miles Davis).

I still need some non-classical music connection to relate to music though. For example, I don't like opera generally but I like Nessun Dorma because it's about football.