Sunday, September 28, 2008

Overheard and reported

It's late, I'm in a hurry, but I thought I'd get this question out.

Ruth Kelly's leaked resignation - leaked it seems by a pissed bag-carrier at Labour Conference. Similarly, a few days earlier, David Milliband was overheard saying something that confirmed that he may be harbouring leadership ambitions, and it was gleefully reported as the day's big story.

Now, I've been to dozens of party conferences, and heard a fair few rumours and indiscretions. And maybe these ones here were more verifiable, but I do think that there has been a change up. In the past, hacks would have asked if they could use the stories, or would have tried to corroborate before using them.

Now, do they ask themselves this: If I don't run with this, a bloody blogger will?

Has this really changed?


Will said...

Why do you even concern yourself with this shit?

For fuck's sake man.

Scribbles said...

No, i think you're spot on. The standard of journalism in this country is just shocking. That ridiculous Nick Robinson or whatever he's called.

The whole pack hated Alastair Campbell, but at least fear of pissing him off made them check their frigging stories.