Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cyprus Avenue

I'm in a bit of a Van Morrison mood at the moment. Today has been one of those good 'Days Like These' days so far (touch wood).

I went for a walk down Cyprus Avenue in Belfast last week.

It's worth writing songs about, if no-one has done already.


Peter Risdon said...

Wow - is that what it looks like?

Great song too. My Van Morrison mood has lasted thirty years, so far.

Paulie said...

There's something about crumbling gentility that seems to make for good songwriting. Think 'Penny Lane'and so on.

In the middle of Loyalist East Belfast, Cyprus Avenue is a real find - there are a few posh-ish patches around there - as you head up Newtownards Road you go past shops selling 'memorabilia' (loyalist flags and papist-baiting paraphanalia) and other stuff, then - all of a sudden - there's a Marks and Spencer and a few fairly exotic restaurants.

But here's something to take the gloss off the place. Rumour has it that the Rev Ian live on Cyprus Avenue....