Saturday, September 06, 2008

Class and US politics

Nothing much here for the time being (bit busy), but there are two good posts about the US presidential race.

Firstly, here’s Shuggy on class, prejudice and ‘culture wars’ (“it’s the economy, stupid”).

And secondly, Snowflake 5 has a really good post that re-casts the US elections in an interesting way. I’m not sure yet whether I agree with his line, but it’s really well written and worth thinking about.

In summary....
  • Mrs Palin has recast the whole race.
  • She represents what America really is while Obama represents what it aspires to be
I particularly like his point about the Democrat ‘gender solidarity’ (and the lack of it in Palin’s house).

Also, his observation on how American blue-bloods present themselves. As Freemania implies, the small-r ‘republican’ nature of the US. I’ve often used the word ‘aristocratic’ quite approvingly as a way of characterising European representative government – and Freemania’s administrator / figurehead divide in the US illustrates why it is a good bit more problematic across the pond.

It also begs the question: Who is the most stupid? Dubya? Or someone who thinks that Dubya is stupid?

I remember in the early-1990s. Westminster was full of smartarses who liked calling Blair ‘Bambi’. They spent the second half of the decade sleeping with one eye open.

So Snowflake’s post is a good answer to Platty’s question here.

Oh, did I mention? Apart from these few posts, I’m finding the American elections to be really tedious, and the kremlinology that is easy to find on a lot of political blogs tells you all you need to know about their UK-facing kremlinology.

But Snowflake is right: Mrs Palin has given it the universal interest of a soap opera for a while.

Update: More on the 'guys like me' problem here.

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