Saturday, August 02, 2008

Pressure groups: The basics

Like last week's show, today's Beyond Westminster is worth listening to. It's nothing more than a basic run through the most simple questions in politics - how should people be able to influence government and how should government respond to demands.

It really is very simple. Yet most political commentary that I read in the mainstream media ignores these fundamental observations.

Why does this happen? Why do you, readers, allow it to happen without any comment? Why don't I see those who wilfully over-simplify politics being massacred in comments threads everywhere?

Just asking....

Oh, there's a podcast of the programme you can subscribe to.

And, changing the subject, does anyone know why Internet Explorer is aborting halfway through loading this blog? I'd like to think that it is because capitalism regards me as a thermonuclear threat that needs to be silenced by whatever means necessary, but I suspect that it's just some dodgy script in my sidebar. I'm fine in Firefox, by the way....


Matt M said...

It's the sitemeter code causing the abort, apparently.

Have added Beyond Westminster to my podcast collection. Looks interesting.

Paulie said...

Ah! So it is. Actually, I just had a look at your profile and noticed your new blog matt -

It's having the same problem! ;-)

I expect that those good people at Sitemeter will fix the problem soonish?

Matt M said...

Unfortunately it's not my blog - I just contribute the occasional post to it. It's run by a Christian guy in the US, I'm just there to provide an atheist/agnostic view on things.

As for sitemeter... I've switched to Google Analytics, which seems to do just as good a job.

Will said...

Not Sitemeter fault -- I.E fault