Monday, August 18, 2008

Funny bastard

O'Leary: Telling everyone to fuck off, endlessly.

Michael O'Leary really is a pain in the arse, isn't he? Treats his workers badly, is very combative towards anyone who tries to regulate his business activities on the flimsy grounds that they've been elected, and so on.

But ..... but ..... he's quite something, isn't he? This interview is a combination of 'annoying' and 'compelling.' There's probably a better word, but I can't think of it at the moment. He's almost Cloughesque if that weren't an insult to memory of a great socialist.

His sheer contempt for his adversaries is always very entertaining. This, for instance, is a minor example, but it shows the lengths he will go to:
2004: Buys taxi plates for car to make use of Dublin's bus lanes.

(h/t Brian at Slugger)


fake consultant said...

i heard similar complaints about costco when it first came to the uk...but i get the impression that costco, as a corporation, is far less confrontational in public settings.

kala said...

you bastard my best very nice

Hrithik Roshan