Thursday, August 14, 2008


I've been looking for a good guide to the non-league pyramid for ages.

If my local team can win every game for the next eight seasons, they'll be playing Forest in the Premiership.

(Update: Should have looked at Wikipedia as well).


Paul said...

You may have to take into account the restructuring of the divisions when all the sides in the North cease to be under a Policy Exchange Directive. I'm still reeling a bit from the thought that the mighty Skelmersdale United will be no more, so can't really figure out exactly what that'll mean for your team just yet, but will try to get back to you.

mikeovswinbton, n'Arnold, n'Skem etc said...

Paul; I thought your "local team" might have been the mighty Arnold FC. I remember going to Gedling to see them draw 0-0 against Port Vale in a packed FA Cup tie. (I think 4,000 were on the ground, but I might be wrong.) Once went to Skem in an old FA Amatuer cup tie against Slough when Stevie Heighway was playing for 'em. I'm considerably older than I look.(Joke)