Thursday, August 07, 2008

Campaign finance

$8.32 needed. Just re-reading though, I've seen this:

"Donations cannot be accepted from non-U.S. citizens."

(pointed to by Mat)


mikeovswinton said...

Slightly off topic; there has to be something to be said for a country which puts stuff like the following into the public domain. Cook County Commissioner Jerry Butler gave a $1000 donation to the campaign of a certain B. Obama in 2004. That's Cook County Commissioner Jerry "The Iceman" Butler. And his Cook County Commissioner webpage uses the minker "The Iceman". And yes, its THE Jerry Butler - "For his precious love", "Make it easy on yourself" etc etc. (And Martha Reeves is a Detroit City Councillor.) Don't know how good they are as politicians, but they could surely sing.

mikeovswinton said...

That's Moniker, not minker.