Thursday, August 14, 2008

After Brown?

Just a few pointers elsewhere: Snowflake 5 does the figures on any leadership challenge.
  • Alan Johnson - not as popular with the Unions or CLPs as you'd think.
  • John Cruddas - not as popular with the PLP or the CLPs as you'd think.
The Labour coalition isn't really very sure what it wants if it doesn't want Brown. As Mike Smithson points out, the voters may not be very interested in any Labour tickets either. And a few days ago, he asked 'Will Milliband be Labour's Nick Clegg?'


Bob Piper said...

Yes, but this comes just a couple of weeks after Smithson told us that the Lib Dems were destined to replace Labour as the leading party of the left. The man might know his betting, but he's also delusional.

Paulie said...

Fair point Bob. Bearing in mind, though, that he makes his money outo of referring people to betting sites, comments like that will probably get a few punters laying against Labour on the spread markets.

That profile pic of yours is an unwarranted provocation, by the way....

The Plump said...

Alan Johnson is my MP. Please no ... We are doomed.