Friday, July 18, 2008

The vision thing

While I'd agree with Cassilis here, for the most part, there is perhaps something in the equation ....

Falling crime + increasing alienation = a perception of higher crime

...that the 'retreat from the public arena' mentioned by the Tory blogger he points to could be symptomatic of whatever our pet cause for the current spiritual / moral malaise is. My personal favourite would be political centralisation, or possibly the near-disappearance of a competent public sector.

But that's the point of the Blair / Cameron project, isn't it? The use of mood-music to create a problem for which 'vision' from a carefully presented public official is the solution.

It's a shame that the words Blair and Cameron don't fit together like Butler and Gaitskell did, innit?

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mikeovswinton said...

Blameron? Camair? Take your point. I went to a conference in Paris recently and one of the presenters talked about le Sarkoberlusconism. The thing he argued that I think fits your argument here is that Sarko and Berlus both work on the basis of combining Fear with a Dream or Vision. I don't think Cameron has quite cracked this yet. He also pointed out the extent to which Sarkozy and Berlusconi both personalise politics to a very great degree. In your terms - the carefully presented public official HAS to be them. (The guy has written a book on this, which is in French.)