Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Unsustainable local media

No time at the moment to make much of this, but here's a notepad to work from:
  1. Local radio is crap
  2. Ad revenue is falling for local media
  3. The BBC is squeezing local media (and given the lack of investment from local media outlets, can the BEEB be blamed for bridging this market failure?)
  4. Local radio stations are being hit by the increased level of regulatory oversight - can they afford the fines that national media shrugs off?
  5. Journalists value national exposure and aren't interested in even writing up local stories for local audiences
  6. Regional news on TV is underfunded
  7. ITV is even prepared to abandon it's privileged status as a public service broadcaster because it's PSB obligations (local news included) are perceived to be too expensive.
  8. Local journalists being squeezed and further disintermediated by a fatal combination of big media and local bloggers.
'Parochial' is a dirty word. Local issues go unrecorded and unexamined. It seems that almost no-one wants to be a local journalist.

Does this combination of circumstances fatally undermine all other projects that are intended to improve the quality of democracy?


mikeovswinton and bolton said...

Sorry Paulie No. 1 is wrong, though possibly for strange reasons. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, funnier than leaving the Reebok after Bolton have turned over Arsenal or whoever, and then tuning into GMR - BBC Manchester as was- if Man City have lost and listening to their fans vent their "viewpoints". Beats the hell out of Arthur Strong.
Apropos of your Irish post below; has the Official IRA ever been "officially" (sorry) disbanded?

Paulie said...

I know a few 'Officials' and being disbanded was never an issue from a political point of view (though the Old Bill often *suggested* that elements were involved in odd bits of criminality including forgery and a few hold-ups).