Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kindred spirit

I've been blogging since 2005 and I don't think I've read a post anywhere else (apart from the near-daily ones here, obviously) that goes out of it's way to make the case for politics.

Never - that is - until today. Here's Sadie. Magnificent Sadie. Tearing a strip of Iain Dale for this, Sadie (Magnificent Sadie) says....
Iain might say - and forgive me if I am wrong - that people should not have politics forced down their throats, that they can engage over the internet or through newspapers with political arguments. That may be so if you believe in what Berlin termed "negative liberty," the desire to be "free from" rather than to be "free to" which is, in essence, the philosophical thesis behind Cameron's Conservatives (and finds its chief proponent in that tedious old high Tory, Henry Porter). But who does this benefit really? Politics for a select few, that's who: people who have the leisure time and education to get involved in the political process, people who can afford the time and money to attend meetings of political parties that are held in camera and not subject to public scrutiny.

What of the money spent on MPs salaries and second homes? Whilst undoubtedly some of our elected representatives do indeed extract the Michael in this regard (cf. Derek Conway [Con], the Wintertons [Con], and Caroline Spelman [Con] inter alia) the reason such expenses exist is to allow the democratically elected who lacked the foresight to be born rich like Osborne or in line for the throne like Cameron to hold office. I'm not going to make the argument that MPs aren't paid enough (they are) but they are paid for a reason: so that politics is more than just a playground for the wealthy who can afford to "do" Westminster when they are not managing daddy's estate, or "Kent" as it's sometimes known.

And she detests Henry Porter as well! This is probably a bit harsh of her. Porter suffers from Posh People's Disease - PPD (passim). It's a terrible illness (hereditary) and it's sufferers deserve pity, not scorn. Pity, and a spell in a workhouse, mind....

(hat tip: Mick at Brassneck)

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