Sunday, July 20, 2008

Glasgow East: Papes v Prods?

Very over-simplified, I'm fairly sure, but worth a look anyway. I'd be interested in reading a version of this article that wasn't commissioned by The Independent's comment editor....


Graycrow said...

Interesting article, but it fails to mention the SNP and where that fits into the protestant-catholic divide.

JPJ2 said...

Both the Conservatives and Labour used to rely on core Catholic votes for Labour and core Protestant votes for the Tories, especially in West central Scotland.

The SNP used to be caricatured in the seventies by Labour as
S(cottish) (N)o (P)opery and by the Tories as (S)tein (N)ext (P)ope. stein was the famous Celtic manager. Both caricatures were false.

In fact one of the favourite tunes played by the SNP at the time was "Forget the old orange and green" meaning that Scots should not allow themselves to be divided by sectarian conflict. The SNP have been and are a great anti-sectarian force for good in Scotland.

Shuggy said...

The SNP have been and are a great anti-sectarian force for good in Scotland.


JPJ2 said...

To quote from Shuggy's own blog he says
"This will have nothing to do with the SNP's opportunistic and unscrupulous attempt to ingratiate themselves to the Catholic hierarchy in Scotland"

As I pointed out, the SNP have at least since the 1970s been using the song "Forget the old orange and green" as a major plank of their approach to the voters. To suggest that their desire to eliminate sectarianism in Scotland is cynical and recent just is not the case.

It is you who are the-unjustified-cynic.