Thursday, July 17, 2008


Not terrific sound, but a good-enough video I think? It is possible that you've reached ... whatever age you've reached .... without hearing Bettye Swann's 'Make Me Yours'.

Wait no longer. It's not very often I'd answer the question "what is your favourite record?" with the same answer a couple of years apart, but this is an exception. Every time I hear this heartbreaker, I like it more.

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Will said...

Bettye Swann... thank you Paulie.

Thank you for spreading the message. Truly a great she was. At some shitty part of my life I had to sell my entire record collection (tories fault of course -- another reason to kill them all) but the voice of Bettye will always remain with me even if I never hear a recording of her voice ever again.

Just saying like.

Another here -- canny quality as well: