Monday, June 09, 2008

Saving journalism

I'm busy. Look - Charlie Beckett - Saving Journalism.


ida mae poopsnatch said...

Dearest Paulie,
Long and lonely are the nights since last we met. I think of you often and...wait. Wrong guy. You are the nice Brit who says he liked my posting to his blog and hoped to hear from me again.
I'll take you at your word. Possibly, you simply want more registered "hits" registered,but I refuse to be so cynical.Instead, I'll pretend that you are just thrilled to have readers in California, USA.You can brag about being an international site.
(Though I live across from the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, I actually hail from the far flung Islands of Langerhans. They lie just beyond the Outer Hebrides and are famous for their lace and odd folk music.)
I chose to comment on the post concerning journalism because the only newspaper in the US worth reading--the Wall Street Journal--has been sold to Rupert Murdoch, the Australian newspaper maggot who speaks like a peg-legged pirate. He only needs a parrot crapping on his shoulder to complete the image.Aar, matey!
I heard your cry of amazement across the time zones young Paul:I, a radical-anarchist- hippy-type-hippy-hater reading the Wall Street Journal? That same conservative rag aimed only at capitalist pigs?
Yup.It's a Great Paper.
I've subscribed for years and here is why: rich people read it and base business decisions on its content, so the paper cannot afford to lie. Seriously-I've read news in the WSJ that doesn't hit the Times of Blank for a good six months to a year.
The reporting was always impartial, objective and deep.The topics could seem way off the charts, but always they turned out to be important. And it is an international newspaper; there is a London version, for sure.
But, alas, Old Murdoch has bought the paper and it shows. Little by little, it's getting funkier and funkier. Murdoch believes readers will not turn to page D4 to finish an article. Hence, screw all that deep background crap and breeze through it in "Murdoch's Six Inches Or Less."
I always believed the WSJ would be left alone in the media wars. Sadly, this is not the case. For years, the paper was owned privately by one family (Mr.& Mrs.W.S. Journal and their children, I believe)and operated at a nice loss. No more.
Murdoch wants to make the WSJ the "newspaper of record" for the US. Right now, that's supposed to be the New York Times, but that paper REALLY sucks. Still, I wish Murdoch had kept his parrot-crap covered hands off the Journal.
Murdoch simply should not be allowed to own so many huge media "organs." Everything he owns takes on his reactionary/dumbed down
flavor.While the anarchist in me says there is no government like no government (my commune printed those bumper stickers by the millions way back when), another part of me wishes there were limits on ownership of news organizations.
But then, that's where this blog comes in, isn't it? If I hate Murdoch, I must turn elsewhere.
So I'll do just that:would you please tell me what the NY Stock Exchange closed at today, Paul? Also, where do you see pork belly futures going in the next 6 months?
How about sweet light crude?
Actually, don't get me started on commodity futures. One of the PRIMARY reasons gas is so costly and food is so scarce is simply because a bunch of new people "found" the commodity markets! Really!
People are starving in Africa because sone yo-yo who got burned selling bogus "bundled mortgages" (CDOs) at a NY brokerage house decided to throw money into grain futures. All that new money creates new demand, drives up the prices and-bingo!-riots in Haiti.
I hope these guys feel really good about themselves.
Well, this has been one long digression, but it has been nice to break radio silence and get back to your site.
On other fronts, what's with the new mayor of London? He looks like a homeless guy or something. I'd vote to authorize regular haircuts for him.You really gotta tidy him up a bit.
And how about these US primaries! Obama won! I sent him more money than I ever sent anyone else. Of course, I never sent anyone else a dime, but still...He was really smart to ask a zillion people to keep sending $10 or $25 a pop. I probably sent him $250 total. If a million and a half folks did the same, well, that's a tidy sum! I can almost do it in my head.
I think electing Obama is the best thing our nation can do to prevent any further jihadist attacks. Just think. The terrorist boss says:"OK. Attack the US and their evil president, Barack Hussein Obama!"
All his followers turn and say: "Hussein? The dude's name is Hussein? Forget you, man..."
At least, I HOPE it goes like that.
And just so you know, I DESPISED Hillary Clinton from the moment in '92 when Bill Clinton informed me I'd get "2 for the price of 1."
It was the ultimate in sexism:"Hey. I screw him. I get to do what I want!"
It reminded me so much of when I was a drug-dealer. I'd go to an old friend's house to do a deal and he'd have some new chicky-babe hanging out with him.
I'd politely ask her to get lost while we did business and she'd throw a hissy-fit. "I'm his girlfriend! I get to stay!"
I 'd then explain that I didn't know her from Adam and I wasn't about to risk jail time if she ended up yakking to the wrong people.
Needless to say, I wasn't popular among these ladies.
And that's EXACTLY the category I put Hillary into,
I hope her career in politics is over completely as a result of her boorish behavior of late.
I bet this is too long to post. If it is, I am sorry. Edit as you see fit.
I'll try to stay on point more in the future--and I WILL write more often!
Thanks for contacting me. Really.What a gas.
Lots of love from the Colonies--Mary Brady

ida mae poopsnatch said...


If you need to send me another "wake-up" email,send it to marycpa, OK? I NEVER use the IdaMae Poopsnatch site.When I failed to think of anything to enter under "profile," I fell into despair and never completed the blog page. Sigh.
Love and kisses to you and all your family-Mary Brady