Saturday, June 14, 2008

Probability, The Hun and spook tales

Matt's a good lad. And he found this (follow the links) on probability, which is worth a look.

I'm all over the place on business at the moment, so podcasts are a bit of a lifeline. There was a very enjoyable programme on probability recently on In Our Time.

This weeks one on The Riddle of the Sands and Britain's convoluted relations with The Boche was good as well. RotS author Erskine Childers Publish Postbarely credible life-story is also worth a look.

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Matt M said...

'In Our Time' is probably one of the best things on radio at the moment. I was looking forward to the one on Lysenko, but downloading it through iTunes apparently went wrong somewhere, so I'm reduced to listening to it through the crappy realplayer system they have for the archives.

(And I found Vino through Gracchii's blog, so you have him to thank for that).