Friday, June 27, 2008

More Than Mind Games pluggage

James Hamilton's very good blog has an extensive Clough archive here. Credits for it are there as well.

In Nottingham's Irish Centre, from about 1982 onwards, we used to say 'Tiocfaidh ár lá' - and we weren't spouting Republicanism either.

It's just that none of us knew how you'd add the word 'again' at the end of the sentance.


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mikeovswinton said...

Apparently you are buying Heidar Helgusson from the Superwhites for around a million and a half. Nice player. Trouble is - he had more injuries last year than the rest of the squad put together. Think we got about 5 games out of him. If you do buy him from us at that price it will be the worst act of stealing by a football club since we sold Danny Braaten to Toulousse yesterday for a miilion point one. We bought him for 400,000 and he played about 2 times, scoring one goal. Megson's transfer dealing is at the Reebok is starting to look legendary - though Rasiak clouds the picture a little.