Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Buzz building

It's often the trivial things that remind you of how good the Internet is at building a buzz.

Not so long ago, every couple of seasons, a club would tweak the design of their new shirt and expect the usual suspects to buy it.

Now, there's speculation and even a mock-up of what it could look like - based on hints the club have dropped - linked to from the Forest Facebook group.

NB: This is NOT the new Forest shirt. I wonder how close it will be to the real thing though?


Darren said...

It looks a bit too much like Man Utd circa 1983/4, imho. (The one that Gary Birtles wore when he couldn't score for United.)

I have noticed that the recent crop of football kit designs doing the rounds suggest that the shirt designers are raoidly running out of ideas, and are starting to recycle old kit designs with a wee tweak here and there.

I bet the tiny tight shorts will make a comeback in the next couple of years.

Lucky Col said...

The stars are going on the front of the shirt, apparently, and I've read somewhere that there'll be a Brian Clough quote inside on the back .....