Saturday, June 14, 2008

Agreeing with three

You know those meme things? Here's an easy one:

Which three bloggers do you agree with on almost everything? Pick one that most closely mirrors your own personal philosophy, one that most closely mirrors your politics and one that offers the most consistently attractive analysis.

Here's mine:
  • Philosophy: The Democratic Society blog seems to have been set up to offer a sober reasoned version of my permanent obsession. I don't think I've ever seriously disagreed with anything there
  • Politics: Paul Anderson's Gauche. I admit, I've known Paul since before the old King died, and I probably think what I think because of a two-year period in the mid 1990s when I got shitfaced him every night without fail. Reading his latest is the thing that made me come up with this meme thingy today.
  • Analysis: Freemania. Usually funny, usually right, always perceptive.
I'll admit that 'favourite blogs' is a slightly different thing. I disagree with a lot of my faves.

Three to pass it on to? How about...


Mikeovswinton said...

Paulie; What about the fat man? I tend to agree with him on the serious matters of Rugby League. (BTW while googling Laibach recently an entry of yours comes up. Been listening to Opus Dei; food for thought, eh?)

Tom P said...

xelvoThis is really difficult, I could only come up with two of the three: